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Learn the truth about Jesus and what he taught!

Do you want to learn the truth about Jesus and what he taught? Believing in Jesus is not good enough, you must believe Jesus.

Many beliefs practiced in mainstream Christianity are much older than New Testament writings. They find their roots in a blend of ancient pagan worship, philosophy, and allegorical interpretation. The early church in Rome was populated with leaders familiar with these ancient beliefs and practices. And they attempted to Christianize them and then force-fed them to the churches of the Roman Empire. The church groups of that era adopted those beliefs and practices, believing them to be Christian. And as a result, Christians today continue to adopt questionable beliefs from the society around them.

Church leaders don’t intentionally teach falsehoods about Jesus and they are victims of tradition passed down over many generations. This has led to nearly all of those who profess Christianity to be misinformed. Countless denominations and religious groups practice a false religion. Each of them teach something different than the others. Logic screams out at us, “they cannot all be right”! The Bible actually descibes this mishmash of religious groups and their false teachings as almost all who claim Christianity. Satan has decieved the whole world as noted in Revelation 12:9.

The book, Do you believe jesus, will expose the false teachings of mainstream Christianity and lead you on a path to learn the truth about Jesus and what he taught! An example of its content is the article in my blog, Is Easter really a Christian Holiday?


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