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The Author

John Popken is a retired entrepreneur and passionate Bible scholar. He attended Pierce College in Woodland Hills, California.

John has a history of starting and managing businesses since 1963. These ranged from retail service stations to manufacturing. He also spent a few years working in the aerospace industry. Most notable of the programs was Lockheed’s SR-71 Blackbird developed in the famous Kelly Johnson Skunk Works. While working for Northrop Aviation he participated in the design and testing of recovery systems for Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo spacecraft.

Among the businesses started by him were CAD/CAM Applications, a computer aided design and manufacturing company. It specialized in new product development. John also developed a proprietary process for injection molding ferrous metal materials. The resulting company, Advanced Forming Technology grew to become the largest company in the world employing the Metal Injection Molding Process.

John, following the sale of Advanced Forming Technology, purchased Proto-Tel Inc. Proto-Tel is manufacturer of telecommunications products. He managed that company until his retirement in 2005. Following his retirement John consulted to industry for another five years.

In addition to the years spent in industry, John has been an avid and serious Bible scholar since his early twenties. He has developed a theology during his many years of study, which differs from tradition we see practiced in churches today. He believes todays professing Christians need a wakeup call and a return to the doctrines taught in the first century church.

John currently resides in rural south central Kentucky.